Common Name:
Key strength:
Valid for:
(defaults to 1 year)
Debug: view parameters
show certificate
create local objects
simulate input from a personal profile document
If none of the above debug options are checked then the following will happen on clicking submit:
  1. your browser will create a public/private key pair
  2. send us your public key, in what is known as a certification request along with information from the form above
  3. we will create a certificate with the parameters specified
  4. it will be returned to you and your browser will match it with your private key and add the pair to your keychain
  5. a WebId.RSAPubKeyClass object will be created in your public profile, which you will then see clearly in its object view. Your profile should also have an RDF view of the key.

To test your certificate try some of the services listed here.


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